Some of my Favourite Stress-Relievers

I find cooking and baking a wonderful way to reduce stress, both in the making AND eating! Here’s one of my “mandala cakes”.

I find cooking and baking a wonderful way to reduce stress, both in the making AND eating! Here’s one of my “mandala cakes”.

This month, I’ve added a new page (called I Recommend) to my web site, featuring some of my very favourite stress-relieving products and services: ones which I whole-heartedly recommend. Note, many of these will be “affiliate links”, meaning–at no cost to you–I will receive a commission or special bonus if you click through any of the items and make a purchase. Any purchase you make will help support this site, which would be greatly appreciated!

The first three items featured are:

Plan to Eat (On-line Menu Planner)

Plan to Eat is an on-line app which I’ve used for over 2 years now. It’s made it so much easier for me to collect and organize ALL my recipes, including any I find on internet sites that I want to try. Plan to Eat also allows me to create “drag and drop” meal plans and will automatically generate my shopping list too! For me that’s real stress-relief! If you’ve ever wanted to get organized so you can eat at home more often with less hassle, or find recipes by ingredients, (say you have spinach you want to use up), or scale quantities up or down without having to do the math, or makes notes on recipes so you can remember what worked (or didn’t) the last time, etc, I definitely recommend you try it out free for 30-days. Visit the Plan to Eat site with this referral link.

The Art of Self-Healing (On-line Qigong Workshop)

Last November I certainly wasn’t looking to add a new year-long commitment to anything, but I was completely knocked out by The Art of Self-Healing” on-line workshop offered by Qigong master, Sifu Anthony Korahais. I ended up signing on for his 13-month “Qigong 101” program because I wanted more–and it turned out to be the best decision I made in 2017.

He is again offering this free 4-part on-line workshop! He says qigong is easier than yoga, simpler than tai chi and more flowing than sitting meditation, all of which I’ve found to be true. For me it has become a great way to start the day and create more balance throughout the day, no matter what state I’m in, and with very little time required. Even just one minute of qigong can make me feel better and I can do it standing, sitting or lying down, all without getting up from my chair, putting on shoes or going outside. If you’re at all interested in exploring tai chi or qigong yourself, here’s the link to the free 4-part video workshop: The Art of Self-Healing Training. (only available until November 19, 2018.)

Workflowy (Simple on-line organizational tool that makes life easier)

If you love lists and love simplicity, then you’ll probably love Workflowy! I use Workflowy for both personal and work lists, and it’s an ‘information manager’ which is uncomplicated, easy to use and can store any random idea I have. I’ve used it as: a personal diary, address book, note-taker, project planner, to-do list, customer database, tickler file, etc. and consider it an indispensable tool. It has served me well for over 3 years. If you’d like to try it out too, here’s the link.


In the future I will be adding more products and features to my “I Recommend” page. Thanks for considering these ideas and for supporting this site.

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