15 Tempting Reasons to try Mandala Colour-Journalling

15 Reasons to try Mandala Colour-Journalling (mandala-142B_FullColour2.jpg)

On April 27, I started a new '30-Day Challenge' to do 30 days of Mandala Colour-Journalling and so far it's been quite a rewarding experience! For this particular challenge, my goal was not to colour-journal 30 days in a row, but just to start 30 colour-journalling pages over time. Now, about the 3 month mark, I have 22 journal pages listed in my Index. During this process, I've been reflecting on why this practice has been so rewarding and came up with the following list, as to why you might like to try it too:

1. Mandala Colour-Journalling is fun, easy to do and can lead to powerful results, from reducing stress and anxiety, to better planning, to increased productivity, to tapping into your own wisdom to get better results every day.

2. Colouring mandalas is particularly centering, because the abstract but symmetrical shapes are “content-free” and can help you go deeper into yourself. The circular designs can generate a sense of order, balance and wholeness. 

3. Colouring alone can be calming, soothing and ease your brain state into a more settled place, but adding words and thinking elevate it to the realm of a self-reflective exercise where you can “get on the same page with yourself” and interact with the wisest part of yourself in a conscious, articulate way.

4. Colour-journalling can help to get your thoughts out of your head. The paper can hold your circling thoughts for you as you release them onto the page in a concrete way. In fact, just a few minutes of colour-journalling could save you from a whole evening of rumbling ruminations!

5. Combining colouring mandalas with journalling can help you go deeper into self-reflection than either, alone.

6. Colouring mandalas makes a great “warm-up exercise” and (if you have ever had writer’s block) it means you never have to “face the terror of a white page” because there is always something inviting on the sheet to help you get started. 

Download  this new Mandala Colour-Journalling page.

Download this new Mandala Colour-Journalling page.

7. Colouring enhances the flow of writing. While other relaxing activities such as walking, baking, gardening or bathing can be reflective and combined with journalling too, the writing is cumbersome and interrupts the flow. 

8. It’s easy to go back and forth between colouring and journalling because a writing implement is already in hand. You can write words and thoughts and sentences on the page as you think of them; and then colour during the pauses as other thoughts take their time to emerge.

9. Colouring a mandala interspersed with journalling gives you a way to “take a break without taking a break” so you will likely spend more time on the page than you would have, otherwise (say, if you had gone out for a walk.) 

10. Colouring encourages the use of colour in the writing of the words themselves, and can open the door to visual journalling or doodle journalling, leading to a more free, expansive and imaginative mental space.

11. Colour-Journalling is very flexible and customizable, from free-form Scatter-Mapping on a blank page to completely self-directed writing on lined pages, to very structured exercises such as the Better Outcomes, Review/Preview Form.

12. Mandala Colour-Journalling can also help as an identification / memory aid. The colours and shapes can immediately identify a particular page of writing if you are looking for your notes on a particular topic. 

13. The shapes and colours make it more inviting to review a page (as opposed to a page of straight writing). They can also draw you back into a page to add more thoughts when you review, even if it’s many days or even months later.

14. Unlike straight chronological journalling, “topic journalling” makes it easier to organize your thoughts about a particular topic area over long periods of time. For example, you can track your evolving thoughts about "work" or "balance" or "solutions-to-a-particular-problem". In the package I've been developing the Index has proven to be a vital organizing tool. 


15. Finally, mandala colour-journalling will make you smile! 

An Invitation to Try it for Yourself: 

Here's a new Mandala Colour-Journalling page to try, this month. For other variations, see the previous post, Discover the Power of your own, Everyday Wisdom to download the Preview/Review Journal page, or the Scatter-Mapping page.

I'd be very interested in hearing about your experience if you'd like to send me an email, or post in the comments section, below.

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