All of my FREE Mandala Resources now on Pinterest!

Many years ago, I fell in love with Pinterest when it was a 'by-invitation-only' site. But I never got my own account because I was afraid I would never get off of it! For me it was a highly engaging, visually exciting place to discover new, interesting things. Now anyone can sign up for a free account to browse or save almost anything they see on the internet.

While Pinterest often gets categorized (by others) as a social networking site, Pinterest's own CEO Ben Silbermann asserts Pinterest is not a social network:

The reason: when you're using the popular service to "pin" or save stuff, you're doing it for yourself, not others ... The laser focus of the business, he says, is on how people are discovering, saving and acting on what they're saving. "My dream would be that Pinterest becomes this indispensable tool where people plan their future," he says. (USA Today, May 27, 2015)

Maybe this is why I am attracted to Pinterest so much more than Facebook. If you've never heard of Pinterest before, it has also been described as:

  • an on-line pin board, or
  • a way to visually organize your digital life.

(Fore more information you can view a short (under 2 minutes) video clip here,  or if you prefer a quick read, here is a good summary page.) 

Recently I decided to check out Pinterest again and it was as exciting and engaging as I remembered it. (Now, unlike before, one must create an account to fully browse boards.) This time, I signed up and created my first pin board to collect all of the images related to the MandalaStressRelief free downloads. My little corner of Pinterest is here:  and you will see I started out simply, with just four boards: 

Free Mandala Colouring Resources

On this board, you can see a collection of all the images related to my articles containing free downloads. It will only ever have pins from this site. 

Stress Relievers

Some of my favourite products or services that increase my well-being. 

Recipes I've Tried & Loved

Some of my "5-Star" recipes. Origins of dishes I have made, (or will make) again & again. Often I have "tweaked" the recipes to customize for my own tastes, equipment, abilities, etc, but these were the genesis. 

Inspiring Products

Product ideas which excite or fascinate me! 

My boards ... and your boards?

Like most other public boards (you can also create completely private or semi-private shared boards), mine will mostly be made up of pins from other places. I plan on basing my pins on the theme of well-being and all of its many expressions. The whole process of collecting and reviewing what we've collected can certainly be stress-relieving (done in moderation! I remind myself).

So you may even want to create some of your own boards. If you were to collect pins of your own stress-relievers or things which you love, or which inspire you, they can't help but elicit at least some feelings of positivity and well-being:

  1. Inspired
  2. Hopeful
  3. In-the-flow
  4. Energized
  5. Meaningful
  6. Blessed
  7. Fulfilled
  8. Confident
  9. Peaceful
  10. Joyful
  11. Secure
  12. Laughter

If you're already on Pinterest, feel free to add the link to your own boards in the comments section below so I and others can see and follow your boards, too! 

I invite you to visit me at , and to share my pins or "follow" me on Pinterest.


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